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By Dennis Urban on Tuesday, May, 28th, 2013 in chemistry, earth science, geometry, global, integrated algebra, living environment, physics, Regents Review, regents schedule, trigonometry, us history.
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Believe it or not, the Regents Exams are just a few months away! In past blog posts, we’ve linked to some helpful online resources for Regents preparation, such as, Regents Review Live, and New York State’s Regents website. This time, we decided to compile a list of subject-specific Regents prep sites, which are listed below. Enjoy, and good luck!

United States History and Government Regents Review
U.S. History Regents Review Sheet –
U.S. History Regents Review Packet – Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy –
U.S. History Regents Review Flash Cards –
Mr. Klaff’s United States History and Government Review Sheet –
Global History and Geography Regents Review
Global History Regents Review –
Mr. Klaff’s Global Studies Review Sheet –
Global Regents Review Links –
Brief Review in Global History and Geography –
Integrated Algebra Regents Review
Integrated Algebra Review Booklet – NYC Department of Education –
Integrated Algebra Regents Study Guide –
Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents Review
New York Regents Test Prep Workbook for Algebra 2 and Trigonometry –
Mr. Ellis’s Algebra 2/Trigonometry Review –
Geometry Regents Review
Geometry Review Booklet – NYC Department of Education –
Chemistry Regents Review
New York State Chemistry Review –
Mr. Kent’s Chemistry Page –
Living Environment Regents Review
New York State Living Environment Review –
Earth Science Regents Review
Earth Science Regents Review Materials –
Ken Gould’s RegentsEarth Site –
Physics Regents Review
St. Mary’s Physics Online –
Mr. Longhurst’s Regents Physics Review Packets –

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